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SupperFood was founded in 2008 and has developed into a dynamic and leading supplier of private label products in the following product categories:

  • Peanut products (roasted peanuts, peanut paste, satay sauce and peanut butter)
  • Oriental products
  • Fresh sauces and dressings (chilled)
  • Bread spreads
  • Coconut and Avocado oil

Within this range SupperFood develops with passion and years of experience distinctive ‘food’ concepts for retailers, brand owners and industries in Europe.

As a customer of SupperFood you can expect an excellent service with a short time-to-market for new projects and ideas.

We are dedicated and believe it is important to cherish the relationship with our customers. So we invite you into our kitchen to develop new products and concepts. Our employees are aware of the latest trends and market developments. Because of this, we understand your business, we can proactively support you and together we can achieve a good margin/efficiency.