Core values

Customer focus

We earn money only by offering benefits which the customer experiences as real and better than those of our competitors. The sum of these advantages is a high satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. Competitive prices, high quality, proactive communication, partnership and efficient logistics are vital elements in achieving these goals.

Respect for our employees

We respect and appreciate the capabilities and qualities of our employees who contribute to the achievement of our goals, taking calculated risks and achieving results. For good employees, this represents a highly valued role in the company and an opportunity for further self-development.

Profit orientation

We as a company are active to make a profit; all our activities should support this goal. Healthy earnings mean a good return for the stakeholders, continuity for all parties involved and potential for further growth of the organization.


We know what it is to take responsibility. We do as a company and we expect it from every employee personally. We are a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers, employees and society.