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Supper Food develops, manufactures, packs and distributes a wide range of fresh sauces and dressings made with high quality fresh ingredients and fruit-based, oil, water or yogurt.

These chilled products are REALLY fresh with a shelf life of 30 to 60 days and are prepared by our ‘clean label’ vision (free of GMOs, flavor enhancers, preservatives, flavors, colors and E-numbers).

Using the best ingredients, our years of experience and in-depth product knowledge, we offer customized solutions under your own label.

We are leading the market when it comes to developments and trends relating to “less salt”, “less sugar”, “clean label ”,”fresh ingredients, and ”sustainability”.

Product groups

PL Fresh dressings and vinaigrettes
With fresh vinaigrettes and dressings you can give salads and raw vegetables an original twist and you can vary endlessly. Original Caesar dressing with fresh Grana Padano cheese and anchovies to creamy yogurt dressing and delicate honey-mustard dressing. Or how about a smoky paprika vinaigrette or fresh orange-mint vinaigrette?
PL Fresh coulis, chutneys and candied products
These products are made from fresh ingredients including shallots, onions, fruits, herbs and spices. They give color and flavor to your dishes. Serve with meat products or cheeseboard and of course with different types of liver pate.
PL Fresh stir-fry sauce and paste
Whether it is a sweet & sour, teriyaki, sesame-soy or spicy Thai green curry stir fry sauce, we have them. And what is special, in addition to excellent flavor, is that they do not contain any fragrances, colors and flavors, and do not need flavor enhancers or preservatives. In addition they also contain a lower sugars content. From various consumer test, consumers, in combination with the flavor, appear to appreciate this.
PL Fresh sauce
Pasta sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, tartar sauce and curry sauce for example, as originally intended. Pure and honest products made with quality ingredients, such as free-range egg, extra virgin olive oil or rapeseed oil, fresh yogurt and capers. Of course without artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives or E-numbers.

Packaging options

Supperfood has a wide, international, network of packaging suppliers, with whom we can always offer a required packaging solution. Together we can develop the required new packaging in case the proposed package doesn’t exist yet.

We can supply private label fresh sauces and dressings, standard, in various sizes, such as:

  • transparent cups with closing foil or lids from 20 and 40ml
  • transparent stick packs and sachets from 7 to 120ml
  • Plastic jars and bottles from 100 to 1000ml

The packages can be decorated with shrink sleeves, adhesive labels, in-mold labels from 4 to 8 colors. We cooperate with leading printers in the Benelux.

Why SupperFood?

SupperFood is a professional producer and flexible partner for the development of private label food products in the above mentioned product groups. Together with our experienced product developers and our BRC-, AIB-, FSCC22000- and/or IFS-certified production sites, we will also find for your brand the appropriate formulation and packaging with the right value/quality relationship.

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