SupperFood is among the Top 250 Growth Companies in 2020

Sidney Zweers

SupperFood is in the Top 250 Growth Companies for the first time, the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship announced on March 4. This makes SupperFood one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands in 2020.

“An achievement that we are very proud of, just like our employees,” say the owners Jan van der Pol and Sidney Zweers. “Within the list, we are 1 of only 9 companies from the Food & Beverages category, including the gold grower”

The leading supplier of private label food products for European retailers and brand owners, realized a huge increase in turnover and grew to 20 employees in a short time. The construction of the new headquarters and a state-of-the-art peanut butter factory in Oosterhout (GLD) in 2019 will form the basis for further growth of the organization in the coming years.

Conditions Top 250 Growth Companies

The Top 250 Growth Companies is an initiative of nlgroeit. To qualify for the Top 250 Growth Companies 2020, a turnover of at least 5 million euros and a minimum of 10 FTEs is required. There must also have been an annual growth of at least 20% in FTE and turnover in the past 3 years.

Of the 250 companies in the list, 13 are located in Gelderland. This province is therefore in shared fifth place in the Netherlands. There are 156 new companies in this edition of the Top 250 growth companies. The overview of the 250 fastest growers in the Netherlands not only shows which companies create the most jobs, but is also highly productive. So the real toppers, which give the Dutch economy a boost every year!

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