SupperFood in the top 10 of fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

Sidney Zweers


Today was the presentation of the regional FD (Dutch Financial Times) ‘Gazellen’-awards 2016 and made known SupperFood is in the top 10 fastest growing companies in one of the 5 regions in the Netherlands. The 4th ‘Gazellen’-award in its eight years of existence is a fact. Of course we are very proud, but also very grateful. The FD Gazelle Awards, an initiative of The Dutch Financial Times, are awarded annually to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

What does this mean?
At the nomination they look at growth and financial fitness of the organization. The fastest growth rates within each category, divided by region and revenue size, receive a gold, silver or bronze ‘Gazellen’-award. The growth of SupperFood is mainly realized in the Dutch market with private label food products such as: satay sauces, peanut paste, roasted peanuts, stir-fry sauces, sambals, chili sauces, spice pastes, sweet soy sauces, meal decorators, fresh sauces and dressings. In the coming years SupperFood wants to continue to growth by market expansion (export and industry) and expanding its product range with peanut butter, soy sauce, herbs and spices.


Cooperation is key!
Together with our employees, customers and suppliers we continue to build our portfolio with the objective of sustainable growth for all parties involved. Collective product development is an important component to realize this. We will respond as much as possible on general food trends, such as: health (less sugar, fat and/or E-numbers), sustainability (certified raw and packaging materials), convenience and enjoyment.

On behalf of a proud SupperFood team,

Jan van der Pol en Sidney Zweers