SupperFood winner FD Gazelle award 2018

Sidney Zweers

SupperFood has again received a FD Gazelle Award this year. The FD Gazelle Awards are prizes awarded by the Dutch Financial Times (Het Financiële Dagblad) to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. It is the sixth time that the company receives this award.

Jan van der Pol and Sidney Zweers, owners of SupperFood: “The growth of SupperFood as PASSIONED OWN LABEL FOOD DEVELOPERS continues steadily. This of course thanks to our team of enthusiastic employees, who always strive for quality and to offer the best solutions to our customers. That we have received our sixth FD Gazelle Award this year is a beautiful recognition of our work, which we are extremely proud of. “

The FD Gazelle Awards were presented for the fifteenth time this year. In order to remain relevant, the criteria have been tightened this year. In addition to revenue growth, profit margin and staff growth were also included in the ranking this year.